Cool Whip Painting


Tanner, was in Florida this past week and it was too cold so we couldn’t go outside, perfect timing right? I was going crazy and Braven was bored. So I decided to let him make a mess even though I was dreading the whole cleaning up aspect.

I whipped up this super quick cool whip paint. I just dyed it with some gel food coloring and Braven had a blast. It was adorable watching him spreading it all around. We also worked on our colors and the “magic” that happened when he mixed the two together (spoiler: it made GREEN!)


One reason I love the idea of coolwhip painting opposed to just using regular paint is because he can have a taste (or two) and it’s perfectly okay! Since he is only 16 months I prefer most of our sensory activities to be edible in some way. He is learning to not put everything in his mouth but still has a way to go before he isn’t doing it near as much.

It is definitely one of those activities you have to grit your teeth at and just enjoy the cuteness. I know it looks like a nightmare to clean up but it really wasn’t that bad at all! Next time I plan to actually do this activity in the bathtub so the cleanup is even easier! IMG_4942.jpgAfter we did this Braven was a much happier guy the rest of the day and I felt much better as well. Sometimes just knowing that he got to experience something that is fun and different simmers down the “mom guilt” that I always try and keep our of my life!

I know y’all may be thinking I’m crazy doing something THIS messy but I promise it really was worth it. Just seeing him engage in something and NOT being right at my feet was a total win for me!



If you feel like a bad mom, you’re probably a good mom.

It is 8:30 p.m. and this mama is about to go to bed. Wanna know why? I am about to head to bed because I woke up with the worst headache, sinus gunk, and sore throat and have not been able to shake it all day. I’ve never liked to be sick (I mean who LIKES to be sick), but as a mom it has to be one of the more difficult things to get through, aside from the little being sick of course.

What I find strange is the fact that even though I didn’t feel well all day I am still beating myself up because I didn’t do enough with Braven today. He watched too much TV, bad mom, he wanted to play and I couldn’t muster the energy to do it, bad mom, and the list goes on and on and on.

In the back of my mind I know this is ridiculous. My son is very loved and he knows it. He is in no way neglected. So why is it that I am constantly feeling the whole “bad mom” thing? Some days I just want to tell my brain to “shut up” that I am not ruining my kid but of course my brain doesn’t exactly listen.

Reflecting back tonight I realized something, something that EVERY mom, grandma, aunt, friend tells you, “if you feel like a bad mom, you’re probably a good mom.” I always heard it but I never really GOT it, ya know? Tonight though as I’m beating myself up because I didn’t do any type of sensory, gross motor, fine motor, or special activity with Braven today I realized how ridiculous I was being.

I hate feeling like I’m failing my child, but I hate even more having this feeling when I KNOW that I am not. Mom guilt is real and it’s hard. It hurts and is one of the many things that keeps a lot of us up at night (I hope I’m not alone here).

So ladies I challenge you the next time you feel the mom guilt coming on, tell yourself this. “I am a D*** good mama, but I’m not a perfect mama. My child doesn’t need nor want a perfect mom. I am enough and I do enough. Today has been hard but tomorrow will be better!” Sing it, chant it, SHOUT it if you’d like, just say the words and believe the words.

I know this won’t eliminate mom guilt and I know I will still have days where it will eat at me, but I refuse to sit back and let it consume me. So somedays he may get too much TV time or not enough fun activities but I can promise he is always loved, cared for, and happy and that right there is enough.


KidFresh Review

So, one of the things I really, really, REALLY did not want to happen has officially happened. My veggie loving baby has turned into a totally picky toddler. Some days it is a struggle to get him to even consider anything but breastmilk (yes, I still nurse. No, I don’t care what you think about that.) I love nursing him but I know at this point he NEEDS solid food and especially veggies! Seriously I was at a loss and so tired of the fight. I had even started pinning recipes on pinterest that would “disguise” the vegetables but y’all that just seemed like a lot of work. (Call me lazy if you must) Don’t get me wrong if I absolutely had to do this I would have BUT thanks to KidFresh I do not.

Okay, so these are foods that toddlers and kids usually LOVE but they have veggies hidden in them, but that’s not all! They don’t have any artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, Non-GMO, no antibiotics used in their chicken, chickens are fed a vegetarian diet, and the list goes on. I was obviously impressed by this list, but the real test would happen around lunch time. The real test would be if my finicky toddler would eat them. 16730376_10154425771362684_1441632883345141960_n

The next day at lunch I heated these up and gave them to Braven. At first I thought it was a total bust because he just threw it in the floor, but he took the TINIEST nibble and I knew right then I had found a winner. His little eyes lit up a bit and he took an even bigger bite. Y’all this was huge! He hadn’t eaten like that in a few days and this mama was doing a little happy dance! He has eaten every single kidfresh entree we have tried and we haven’t regretted a single purchase. Oh and bonus these will definitely last for more than one serving! Braven doesn’t eat a lot at once (he’s a snacker like me) so we have gotten 5 Braven sized servings out of one box!

I get this pleasure seeing my picky toddler eating those “icky” veggies without even knowing it. I love knowing he is getting the nutrition he needs and that I am feeding him something I can feel good about!

How to easily entertain your toddler

Can y’all believe January is ALMOST over? I feel like it just started but there are only two days left. It’s a little crazy to me how fast time flies now, like it’s nuts to me that today I officially have a 15 month old! WHA??? How did that happen? Where’d my itty bitty go?dsc_2172(seriously though, how cute was little B?)

Anyways, I am accepting that my boy is getting bigger and honestly I’m really loving watching all of the new things he’s learning. (I am NOT loving the tantrums however!) I have noticed that since it’s chilly out though I feel like the TV has been on a little bit too much and I feel like he’s been so bored? Anyone else? I mean who would have known that at 15 month old can get bored but I’m tellin ya.

So I scrambled around trying to find SOMETHING I could put together for him that would engage him that we actually had in the house. To backtrack a bit we just recently moved and a lot of things are still in boxes so I was pretty limited.

Then it was right there, a perfectly good paper towel tube! I taped that thing to the wall and my child played with it. He LOVED it. How much easier can it get than that? He started out putting craft pompoms down it but quickly switched to his goldfish and eventually he was trying to stuff anything down it that would fit. 16298871_10154367407137684_5042353824762346963_nHe consistently played with this for 10-15 minutes. After that he would wander off but he kept going back to it. For pretty much no work I count that as a total WIN! If you wanted to get really fancy you could even use this for a color sorting activity by painting the tubes the colors of the objects that you’ll be using. I plan to do that sometime in the near future but I don’t know if he will get that concept just yet.

When I posted this to facebook and instagram I had quite a few people give it a shot and even said their older kids joined in on the fun! I am sure this could easily be made more complex with multiple tubes for the older kids and they would have a blast.

So next time you are at a loss and are feeling a touch of mommy guilt because the TV has been on a little more than you’d like to admit (we’ve all been there),  you have a FUN and EASY activity that is sure to please!

How I became a planner person.

Okay so it’s been about a month since I wrote my last post about no more excuses. I will not lie I actually really struggled in the beginning with this. I was motivated but then I wasn’t. I was ready but then not. For the first week of the new year I was seriously so wishy washy with my new commitment. I mean come on, isn’t that the week MOST people are super committed?

Anyways, it just wasn’t happening untillll I got a planner. Okay so I’m not usually a planner person, like at all. I have always LOVED the idea of planners but most of the time they would end up pushed to the back of a drawer with maybe a week or so filled out. (pathetic, I know) This time though, I had found a planner that actually “fit” me and what I needed.

The planner I have is the mom on the go planner and it seriously has everything I could ever want in a planner: meal planning, budgeting, places to plan for holidays, tons of place to dump my thoughts, AND it’s adorable.

Putting all of that on the back burner though what this planner really did was help hold me accountable. I was writing things down and actually following through this time. Now I have a neat place to put my workout goals and check them off each day. I have a place to plan our meals and stick to our budget. I know that I am now a planner person though because I have found one that actually works for me.

I never thought that any planner was all that different from the other but that is definitely not true. Seriously there is a planner out there for every type of person and they’re definitely not one size fits all.

I kind of can’t believe I just wrote a whole post about planners but I think I’m sold. I am now a planner person. I urge you all to give planners another shot. Find one that works for you and your life! I watched youtube videos, read blog posts, and tons of reviews before I committed and now there’s no turning back (for me at least).

Oh and did you know that decorating them is a thing now?  I mean, STICKERS! 




A New Year…A New Me?

So I figured with 2017 getting closer every single day that it might be a good time to actually follow through and do something with this blog. I created this 7 months ago, 7 MONTHS! I have done absolutely nothing with it but it would cross my mind about once a week that I “should” do something but obviously I wasn’t too concerned.

Anyways, with 2017 coming I really want to make some changes. Yes, I want to lose weight like almost every other person, but more importantly I want to stick to something. What do I mean by that? I mean that I want to dedicate myself to something and FOLLOW THROUGH! I am the queen of making excuses and I am so over doing that. I don’t want to be the queen of something like that (I would like to be the queen of something much cooler though).

In 2016 I decided I was going to start a vlogging channel on youtube. I did it and I worked at it, for a while. Then I stopped picking up the camera as often and I made up so many excuses about why I was too busy to do it. I honestly am still frustrated that I didn’t stick with that like I really wanted to sooooo it will be another goal of mine in 2017.

I have a feeling I’m not alone in this and since I’ve became a mom I’ve gotten much worse. For example, I want to lose weight and know I would be so much happier if I did, butttt that doesn’t mean I get my booty off the couch. I justify it in my mind by telling myself “you have a 1 year old who is teething, it’s hard”. While yes, it is true that teething absolutely sucks I shouldn’t be using it as an excuse, but I do (way too often).

That is why I am sitting down at 11:30 pm and writing my very first blog post on a blog I created 7 months ago. I want to put this out there somewhere so that it might possibly hold me accountable. So here it is, I am declaring 2017 the year of “no more excuses”. I never ever feel better when I’ve made an excuse not to do something, actually I feel quite the opposite. I am always so upset with myself and feel guilty so why do I keep doing it? I seriously have no idea so with knowing that it is time that I actually step up and hold myself accountable!

Maybe, I’ll have my husband help me out as well, just in case. Haha.