KidFresh Review

So, one of the things I really, really, REALLY did not want to happen has officially happened. My veggie loving baby has turned into a totally picky toddler. Some days it is a struggle to get him to even consider anything but breastmilk (yes, I still nurse. No, I don’t care what you think about that.) I love nursing him but I know at this point he NEEDS solid food and especially veggies! Seriously I was at a loss and so tired of the fight. I had even started pinning recipes on pinterest that would “disguise” the vegetables but y’all that just seemed like a lot of work. (Call me lazy if you must) Don’t get me wrong if I absolutely had to do this I would have BUT thanks to KidFresh I do not.

Okay, so these are foods that toddlers and kids usually LOVE but they have veggies hidden in them, but that’s not all! They don’t have any artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, Non-GMO, no antibiotics used in their chicken, chickens are fed a vegetarian diet, and the list goes on. I was obviously impressed by this list, but the real test would happen around lunch time. The real test would be if my finicky toddler would eat them. 16730376_10154425771362684_1441632883345141960_n

The next day at lunch I heated these up and gave them to Braven. At first I thought it was a total bust because he just threw it in the floor, but he took the TINIEST nibble and I knew right then I had found a winner. His little eyes lit up a bit and he took an even bigger bite. Y’all this was huge! He hadn’t eaten like that in a few days and this mama was doing a little happy dance! He has eaten every single kidfresh entree we have tried and we haven’t regretted a single purchase. Oh and bonus these will definitely last for more than one serving! Braven doesn’t eat a lot at once (he’s a snacker like me) so we have gotten 5 Braven sized servings out of one box!

I get this pleasure seeing my picky toddler eating those “icky” veggies without even knowing it. I love knowing he is getting the nutrition he needs and that I am feeding him something I can feel good about!