Cool Whip Painting


Tanner, was in Florida this past week and it was too cold so we couldn’t go outside, perfect timing right? I was going crazy and Braven was bored. So I decided to let him make a mess even though I was dreading the whole cleaning up aspect.

I whipped up this super quick cool whip paint. I just dyed it with some gel food coloring and Braven had a blast. It was adorable watching him spreading it all around. We also worked on our colors and the “magic” that happened when he mixed the two together (spoiler: it made GREEN!)


One reason I love the idea of coolwhip painting opposed to just using regular paint is because he can have a taste (or two) and it’s perfectly okay! Since he is only 16 months I prefer most of our sensory activities to be edible in some way. He is learning to not put everything in his mouth but still has a way to go before he isn’t doing it near as much.

It is definitely one of those activities you have to grit your teeth at and just enjoy the cuteness. I know it looks like a nightmare to clean up but it really wasn’t that bad at all! Next time I plan to actually do this activity in the bathtub so the cleanup is even easier! IMG_4942.jpgAfter we did this Braven was a much happier guy the rest of the day and I felt much better as well. Sometimes just knowing that he got to experience something that is fun and different simmers down the “mom guilt” that I always try and keep our of my life!

I know y’all may be thinking I’m crazy doing something THIS messy but I promise it really was worth it. Just seeing him engage in something and NOT being right at my feet was a total win for me!